Since year 1997, when we completed our first material delivery, we have steadily grown the variety of materials that we can offer to full range of both energy distribution and transmission materials as well as hand tools and equipment. Currently we are cooperating with more than 250 producers worldwide, representing them in the Latvian market.


The offered materials are divided in the following types:

High voltage materials and devices

According to the design and its technical specification, we can offer the following products 110/330kV voltage:

  • Cables and their accessories;
  • Overhead line wires and their accessories;
  • High voltage devices and equipment;
  • Transformers.

References for completed projects can be viewed here.

Manufacturers we represent:

Low and medium voltage materials, devices and equipment

Elko offers a wide range of low and medium voltage materials devices and equipment, providing material assembly and supply. References for projects can be viewed here.

We offer low and medium voltage:

  • Cables and their accessories (joints, terminations, cable lugs, pipes, etc.);
  • Transformers (power, compensating, dry, instrument transformers, etc.);
  • Overhead line fittings, insulators;
  • Inner and outer disconnectors, circuit breakers, switchgears load and power switches;
  • Fuses and automatic switches;
  • Grounding materials;
  • Marking materials and warning signs;
  • Industrial materials.

Manufacturers we represent:

Equipment and measurement instruments

Elko offers a wide range of products necessary for assembly works, from measurement instruments, necessary equipment for stringing wire, insulated hand tools and gloves, up to necessary machinery for high voltage stringing works.

We offer:

  • Measurement instruments;
  • Lever hoists, self-gripping clamps, cable socks;
  • Cable and wire pullies;
  • Hydraulic hoist;
  • Portable earthing devices;
  • Cable pulling machinery;
  • Wire stringing machinery;
  • Hand tools;
  • Etc.

Manufacturers we represent:


We can offer standard solutions according to project design, as well as individual solutions according to your needs and desires. We perform expense calculations for outdoor lighting objects, DIALux lighting calculations and visualisations, as well as consultations regards various lighting solutions. Project references can be viewed here.


SIA Elko is Schreders sole official representative in Latvia for producer SCHREDER, one of the main lighting producers in Europe.

We offer lighting solutions for streets and parks, territories and industrial objects, decorative and tunnel lighting. Due to continuous development and innovations, SIA ELKO also offers lighting management system – Owlet, lighting remote control and management system.

Tecnopali North Europe

By representing the largest pole manufacturer of Baltic States – Tecnopali North Europe, Elko offers wide variety of lighting poles lattice towers.

The assortment of offered lighting poles:

  • Various standard lighting poles;
  • Decorative poles;
  • Masts for illuminating of large territories and stadiums;
  • Hinged poles;
  • Lightning rods;
  • Traffic light and road sign poles;
  • Various metal constructions;
  • Angled constructions.

All poles can be coloured in RAL tone of your preference.

Manufacturers we represent:


We offer telecommunication materials according the technical specification of the project.

Manufacturers we represent:

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